March 22nd, 2017

Porch Living at Shearwater

Shearwater is designed to be a vital community. A place that specifically aims to attract residents that are friendly, active, social and strive to make their environment a better place to live for all. Our designers have put a lot of thought and effort into how to build communities that encourage healthy living, social engagement and connectivity. One feature that allows these aspects to come alive at Shearwater is the inclusion of porches in the majority of homes in the neighborhood. But this design aspect is far from the only element in Shearwater that encourages residents to feel like part of a larger, supportive community. From our parks and trails, to our Fitness Lodge and the Kayak Club, we’ve filled Shearwater with spaces for residents to come together and make new connections.

The Shearwater community is building homes designed to encourage engagement with neighbors. In addition to providing a number of green spaces in the community that give residents easy and attractive opportunities to get outside and be active, the houses themselves include porches where residents have plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with their neighbors.

Porches can seem like a simple addition to a house, but this addition can offer significant benefits. They encourage community within the neighborhood by creating comfortable outdoor spaces that allow you to be social without ever leaving your street. When your neighbors are outdoors, mixing and socializing, it influences the feeling of social wellbeing. Walking down the street is no longer a solitary experience; it becomes a social activity, in and of itself.

To learn more about connected living at Shearwater, watch the video below and join our Founders Club today.