March 27th, 2019

How To: Style the Perfect Easter Table in 5 Easy Steps

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to start thinking about your Easter tablescape. Whether you are planning to celebrate with an intimate lunch or an elaborate dinner, we want to help you create a beautiful table for friends and family to gather around this holiday.

This beautiful home by David Weekley Homes in Shearwater, was the perfect venue to showcase an Easter tablescape. Here are five easy tips for setting the scene for a memorable meal. Let’s hop to it!

Tip 1: Choose your color palette

Deciding what colors you want to incorporate into your tablescape will make shopping easier. Whether you spring for a traditional palette of pastels, or want a more modern look, we recommend choosing 3-4 colors to build your décor around. By limiting your color choices to four, you can easily create a cohesive design that looks and feels sophisticated.

Tip 2: Use what you have

Mixing old pieces with new pieces is a great way to save money and add interest to your table. Do you have a favorite vintage tablecloth? Use it! Still have the china you got for your wedding? Dust it off! Pull out the pieces you already have on hand and lay them out on the table. This will help you shop for additional items you need. Older pieces also serve as conversation starters – an opportunity to share the sentiment of your items.

Tip 3: Layer on the textures

Layers and textures add dimension that’s interesting to the eye. Start by covering the entire table with a simple tablecloth and then layering a lace, gingham, floral or other textured fabric over it. From there you can build on that foundation with even more textures in your placemats, dishes, and more – but be sure they still follow the same color palette you have established to avoid feeling too busy.

Tip 4: Build your centerpiece from the inside out

Start at the center of your table and work your way out. Here, we placed an Easter wreath in the middle of the table as an anchor and then added the bunny to bring the Easer theme to life. Using matching vases with fresh flowers that complimented our color palette, we were able to balance out the centerpiece seamlessly. Note: while your items do not need to match, they should be similar in size so that your table looks symmetrical.

Tip 5: Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are a simple, affordable and beautiful way to add pops of color and give life to your table. Pick flowers that fall into the same color palette you have established with your decorations. Start with one flower stem at a time, balancing out the colors from all sides. Once you have plenty of flowers in the vase, add a filler such as eucalyptus, baby’s breath, etc. to fill in any empty spaces. From there, move flowers around as needed to achieve a look you love.

BONUS TIP: Make it personal

Give your guests a warm, personalized welcome with unique name cards. This simple gesture helps eliminate seating confusion while adding a personal touch that will make each guest feel special.

Ashley Lynch is an event planner in Jacksonville, Florida who operates under the name Pineapple Parties. Ashley believes that life’s sweetest moments should be celebrated with unique, customized events for all occasions. Whether it’s an intimate bridal shower or an elaborate fundraiser, Ashley can help make it a memorable occasion.

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