April 18th, 2022

Golf Grande

Get ready for everything green – or greens, that is. Call your friends, grab the clubs and hop on a cart because we’re going golfing. But with two amazing locations to play at Grande Dunes, where exactly are you going? The community provides both the Resort Golf Course at the Grande Dunes Resort Club and the Members Course at the Grande Dunes Members Club; what’s the difference between the two greens? Which course is on par for your game? We’re breaking it down and providing all the details below.

The Resort Golf Course

Grande Dunes has anticipated an updated Resort Golf Course for some time now, and we’re pleased to move forward with the developments. In the fall, we will proudly unveil a course that’s modernized, beautified and better than ever. To accomplish this undertaking, the Resort Course closes for the summer on May 16 and reopens on September 15. The meticulous renovation, overseen by staff designer John Harvey, will include reconstructing the greens, restoring the features, improving bunkers and redesigning the clubhouse interior. All improvements will allow the course to meet the impeccable standards upheld throughout Grande Dunes and appeal to golfers by presenting an inviting, advanced and streamlined sporting experience. For further information about the Resort Course, visit https://www.grandedunesgolf.com/.

The Members Golf Course

Meanwhile, if you’re in the market for unsurpassed, championship-level golf every time, the private Members Golf Course is the right course for you. We’re not playing any games here, only offering the best golf in the area! You’ll enjoy a par-71 course, 5 sets of tees ranging from 4,300 to over 7,000 yards and an 18-hole range. Note that you cannot play at the Members Club Golf Course unless you’re part of the Grande Dunes Members Club or invited as a guest. Golf is just one of the many reasons to become part of the Members Club, so stay tuned, because aspects of the membership will only become more elevated in the coming months. For more information about the Members Course, visit www.grandedunesmembersclub.com/private-golf-course.

Details Down to a Tee

Get in touch with Membership Director Pam Pratt to learn more about the Members Course and take the first steps towards playing on these state-of-the-art greens in short order. You may contact Pam directly at membership@grandedunes.com. If for whatever reason, you decide not to become a Member, the newly-renovated Resort Course awaits in the fall – just in time for the cooler breezes to make your game even more winsome. However, go forth and golf. Rest assured our aim is spot-on when giving residents an unparalleled experience.