June 5th, 2020

Easy At-Home Kids Activities: Have Fun All Year Long

Whether the kids are out of school for the summer, it’s pouring rain outside, or you just need some quiet time to get work done, having a few entertaining tricks up your sleeve can make a world of a difference. Here are some creative ideas you might not have thought of to keep the whole family busy and happy.


Go on a treasure hunt around the house! This requires some upfront energy on your part, but is an easy way to entertain both older and younger kids for hours. You could hide several small items around the house, or opt for one exciting prize, complete with a map to find the hidden treasure!

Does your family have a pet? Older kids can teach the dog, cat, or even the pet bird a new trick. You’d be surprised how many household pets that can learn tricks! This is an especially rewarding activity, and is great for the pet, too.

Hosting a paint night is something the whole family can enjoy. With some simple canvases, paints and a follow-along video, everyone can flex their creative muscles for a couple hours. Bob Ross is one great resource for videos to paint along with.


Weather permitting, Arden’s 20 miles of trails and neighborhood parks make it easy to get out beyond the backyard. For a fun activity, play nature bingo or use some tape to make a foraging bracelet during your hike.

Chalk is an easy, affordable and washable outdoor activity! Leave cheery messages for neighbors to find, play hop scotch or tic-tac-toe, or even use it to create backgrounds for some creative and interesting photos.

When you need to wear the kids out, an outdoor obstacle course is just the thing. Cardboard box hurdles, clothing line limbo and hula hoop challenges are just a few options. If you have multiple kids in the family, a little competition never hurt!


Virtual field trip, anyone? Using virtual tours, you can visit some fun and far-away places. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is just one example. Using 360-degree technology, you can explore every room of this amazing museum, from towering dinosaurs to deep-sea creatures.

For animal lovers, there’s a multitude of live cameras you can tune in to. Visit the San Diego Zoo website to see hippos, polar bears and elephants, or try the Monterey Bay Aquarium for critters like jellyfish, sharks and otters.

At Arden, our Lifestyle Director plans a year-round calendar of events and activities geared towards kids and teens of all ages, so there’s always something fun and exciting to do without ever leaving the community. To learn more about this new home community in Palm Beach County, Florida, join our Interest List for the latest news and updates.