March 24th, 2021

Durham Farms On The Road: Nashville Mural Tour with Louis Holstein

Our Durham Farms Lifestyle Director Louis really thinks outside of the box — and we love it! He recently took a group of our residents to see the gorgeous murals in nearby Nashville (it’s only a 45-minute drive from us.) Take it away Louis!

As the Lifestyle Director, I am always trying to build community through innovative, interactive events. Art has the unique power to not only build community, but also increase empathy and introduce a new perspective. So, when the idea of a mural tour crossed my mind, I felt it was a win all the way around.

I have a long history of a passion for all things art and design. My past work in municipal government gave me an interest in public art for two reasons: the power it holds in making a sense of place and beauty, and also making art accessible to all.

We saw 12 Murals Downtown Nashville. The easy walk was a little over a mile. Did you know there are over 200 murals in Nashville?! That’s amazing!

Many are sponsored by the Nashville Walls Project, which brings world-renowned street artists here. During the tour, we took a look at the artists, common themes, materials used, and fun facts. Some of the murals were corporately sponsored by the likes of Audi and Instagram. In fact, the mural sponsored by Instagram is part of a series that only 4 other cities in the world (London, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Madrid) have. It’s cool that Nashville is part of that exclusive list.

“Louis led a fun and informative mural tour in downtown Nashville. We had so much fun exploring our amazing City.” – Melissa F.

Our next mural tour will be through the 12 South neighborhood viewing over 15 murals. We’d love for you to join us on the road! Stay tuned for more details.