July 15th, 2020

Discover Hendersonville Schools That Exceed Tough Educational Standards

For homebuyers looking to establish roots in a new community, there is an extensive list of lifestyle and livability factors to consider. One of the most important is the quality of the educational system in the area. This is something that’s true for families moving into the area, individuals or couples who might one day wish to start a family, and for those who have grown children or no interest in raising a family of their own. The reason the quality of education matters so much is that GreatSchools are the cornerstone of a great community.

Quality education is key on every level when considering the current success of a community, and its potential for the future. Strong educational foundations lead to communities that are competitive, thriving, and successful. If you’re considering relocating to central Tennessee, you’ll discover that Hendersonville is a thriving city with a shining star example of what a quality educational system should be.

The Value of Education in Hendersonville

Middle Tennessee is an area that’s highly concentrated on education. The region is home to five state universities, along with eight private universities and several tech schools – all within a reasonable commute from the city of Hendersonville. With a culture so focused on the value and importance of higher education, it only makes sense that the individual communities in the area be equally committed to preparing students for higher education opportunities.

It isn’t just the presence of higher learning institutions in the area that demonstrates the importance of education in Hendersonville and the surrounding communities. It’s also the fact that so many top employers work directly with the university to incentivize students, offer customized training, and to further technologies that will help keep Hendersonville and middle Tennessee on the map as areas of competitive interests for new businesses moving into the area.

What’s even more valuable to the city of Hendersonville is that the majority of residents earn their higher education in one of the nearby institutions and stay close to their home community when it comes time to settle down and start building their own life. Currently more than 90% of Hendersonville residents have a high school diploma, and nearly a third of them hold a bachelors or advanced degree. These are the types of numbers that look most favorably for the future success of a community.

Of course, it all starts with the foundation of an excellent primary and secondary education, which happens to be an area in which Hendersonville excels.

What School District Serves Hendersonville, Tennessee?

The schools in Hendersonville, Tennessee are part of the Sumner County School District. The Sumner County School District has earned high marks and recognition from the state of Tennessee for their dedication to academic excellence. According to state education report card results on the Sumner County School District website, the school district as a whole has made considerable strides in being one of the top districts in Tennessee. Their student proficiency has increased, and their state score card grades show the district earning straight As across the board in academics.

Quality Schools in Hendersonville

There are multiple ways that you can assess the quality of an education system but this can be difficult to do unless you’re already living in a community. It always helps to get a little help from some outside resources who are dedicated to producing unbiased reports on the educational quality of schools in individual communities. When looking at the quality of schools in Hendersonville, we turned in part to GreatSchools and took into consideration their ranking system and scores for schools throughout the city.

GreatSchools uses a summary rating system that provides a comprehensive snapshot of each school’s quality based on several factors, including how effective the school is at preparing students for future academic success in upper grades and postsecondary education. Their rating system takes into consideration average school test scores, student progress, academic progress, collegiate readiness, and equity ratings. Details that might detract from a school’s success, such as poor attendance records and ineffective disciplinary procedures, are also taking into consideration.

All of this was taken into consideration when the 18 schools in Hendersonville were assessed. What we found was that the majority of Hendersonville schools excel by the GreatSchools standards. Dr. William Burrus Elementary, for example, scores a 9/10 and serves 509 students Pk – 5. This is the elementary school that Durham Farms residents are most likely to send their children.

Then there’s Merrol Hyde Magnet School, which, according to U.S. News and World Report, ranks as the number 3 school in Tennessee and 63rd in the nation. In order to attend Merrol Hyde, students must take a test the fall prior to the year they hope to enroll and place in the top 15%. Students are then added to a waitlist and enter the student body by lottery whenever there’s an opening. There are 40 students grades k- 3, 50 students grades 4 -6, and 60 students grades 7-12. As you can see, students get highly individualized attention!

Whether you’re interested in the quality of Hendersonville schools because you’re looking for a top tier school to send your own child to, or you simply realize the importance of high educational standards for the community as a whole, you can rest assured that the schools in Hendersonville meet and exceed practically every standard.

Choosing the Right Community for Your New Home

The quality of the local schools is just one important factor when choosing the right community for your new home. We know that it isn’t just one or two details that elevate one community above another, but rather how everything comes together to create an exceptional lifestyle and livability profile. We took all of this into consideration when choosing the location for our Durham Farms community, and it’s why Hendersonville won the honors, hands down. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Contact us at Durham Farms to discover our wonderful homes, tight-knit community, and exceptional lifestyle nestled in Hendersonville, Tennessee.