December 9th, 2022

Desert Arc gives hope to people with disabilities

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Desert Arc has programs where people with disabilities can join the workforce and learn new skills.

Desert Arc recently partnered with Miralon, a gated community, to be able to offer custodial jobs around its amenities centers.

For Philip M. this is just one of the many jobs he’s done under the Desert Arc Program.

“The honest truth, if I didn’t have them, I don’t know where I would be, today, or tomorrow. But you know what you guys have been a blessing,” Phillip told his coaches part of the program.

Phillip has worked under Desert Arc for 11 years now that include jobs at the park, and recycling centers, and now providing custodial services at Miralon.

Phillip and others are on-site at Miralon about three times a week dusting, wiping windows and tables, and taking out the trash.

“It’s promoting our capabilities to the rest of the Coachella Valley. But this is an amazing place,” explained Ruth Goodsell with Desert Arc. “It brings in our individuals to be able to work alongside other people, and to be able to socialize and just to see the different communities in their area.”

Phillip tells News Channel 3 that before starting with Desert Arc, he couldn’t get a job.

“I had a hard time, people understanding who I was and my personality, you know,” he explained.

Now he loves all the work he does, and all the different skills he’s learned along the way.

Desert Arc plans to continue partnering with businesses like Miralon to be able to provide these opportunities for its clients.

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