July 10th, 2019

7 Entertaining Tips for the Perfect Party

At Orchard Ridge, a new home community located in Liberty Hill, Texas, gathering with family and friends is part of the lifestyle. As much fun as throwing a summer party is, being the host can feel hectic and sometimes put a damper on the good times to be had. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are seven easy tips for a no-stress backyard bash.

  1. Plan Ahead

    The further ahead you plan, the better prepared you’ll be. Keep a running list of ingredients and supplies you’ll want to purchase ahead of time so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to make sure you have enough potato salad and bubble wands for the kids.

  2. Prep Beforehand

    Prep as much as possible the day before. With a spacious kitchen and large island, homes at Orchard Ridge make this even easier. Pre-slice fruits and vegetables, assemble ingredients and make sure you have plenty of utensils and ice on hand to prevent last-minute trips to the store.

  3. Pick a Theme

    It doesn’t have to be over-the-top – even choosing a simple color palette is sure to make your party one to remember. Red, white and blue is always popular in the summer, or you could opt for a tropical luau theme or glow-in-the-dark star party!

  4. Move it Outdoors

    At Orchard Ridge, homes include front and back porches that are the perfect place to host friends and family, or you could even have a pool party at the resort-style pool and pavilion. Move the party outdoors and enjoy the sunshine – and a clean house afterwards.

  5. Let Guests Help

    Don’t feel like you have to do it all! Let guests help set out platters of food, organize the drink station or even lend a hand in the kitchen. At Orchard Ridge, neighbors are more like family, so they’re sure to want to help out!

  6. Set Up Games

    Even if there won’t be kids, having some fun yard games is a great way to break the ice. Cornhole, croquet, lawn bowling and giant Jenga are just a few great options.

  7. Pump Up the Jams

    A good party isn’t complete without music! It’s the perfect way to create a more inviting atmosphere and set the ambiance of the evening.

At Orchard Ridge, residents are more than just neighbors – they’re lifelong friends who get together for everything from summer barbecues to birthday parties. To learn more about the new homes for sale in Liberty Hill , join our Interest List for news and updates about Orchard Ridge.