April 24th, 2019

7 Easy Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

Spending time outdoors is part of the lifestyle at Shearwater, and for good reason – studies have shown time and time again that spending time in nature can reduce stress, make you feel happier and generally improve your wellbeing. So why not bring those good vibes closer to home? With these quick and easy tips, you can bring the outdoors in and enjoy nature every day:

  1. Pot Some Plants
    Fill your space with lush, green plants and you’ll not only enjoy the ambiance, but the cleaner air they provide. Chose your favorite flower or vine for some added color and texture, or opt for hardy, jewel-colored succulents for some easy-to-care-for plants.
  2. Let There Be Light
    Open up those windows and let natural sunlight flood your home in a warm glow. In some floor plans at Shearwater, you can even include triple sliding glass doors that completely open up your living room to outside, allowing you to take full advantage of Florida’s natural beauty.
  3. Paint it Green
    Color can make a huge difference in your home. A color palette of greens, blues and browns will bring to mind forests of trees and meadows of grass. Mix it up with pops of bright colors reminiscent of flowers and sunshine.
  4. Use Natural Materials
    Include some mirrors or photos framed in wood, stone coasters or a jute rug to bring a natural touch to your home décor. You can even line up your seashell collection on a bookshelf, or arrange some pieces of driftwood and coral for a coastal spin.
  5. Decorate with Wall Art
    There’s no end to the nature-inspired wall art you can find! Paintings featuring your favorite flowers and trees, rustic tapestries woven around driftwood, prints made from leaves – no matter your style, you’re sure to find something that calls to you.
  6. Utilize Your Porch
    At Shearwater, most homes come with a spacious front or back porch. Make the most of this added space with a table and chairs, hammock and cozy throw pillows. For more ideas, check out our porch décor blog.
  7. Grow Some Veggies
    While you can always take advantage of Shearwater’s Community Garden, you don’t need a lot of space to grow fresh produce. A container garden of herbs in the kitchen window, or pot of cherry tomatoes on the porch are all you need to enjoy fresh produce at home.

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